The Sisterhood is much more than a novel – it is a movement!


The Sisterhood is also a teaching narrative. Each of the women in the novel represents one of nine leadership traits (discipline, self-knowledge, financial stewardship, service, sacrifice, education, vision, innovation, and entrepreneurship). In the Sisterhood, how they address challenges to their survival, illustrates what is possible with collective action and individual excellence.

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The Sisterhood is a success workshop written in novel form and in a small category called applied fiction – where the writer begins with a specific curriculum, then creates a strong stand-alone narrative designed to illustrate it.

For me, The Sisterhood started on a late night drive home from a success workshop I gave during college for a group of African-American high-school girls. That night, I had the group stand in a circle and tell each other, one at a time and by name, that they were smart, beautiful, and could have anything that they wanted and worked for. It was a hard session, with most of the girls unable to accept the endorsement without tears. So many of them simply could not see it, much less believe it.

As I drove home, I thought that there had to be a way to illustrate what I was trying to teach – something more penetrating than quotes from self-help books and short workshop sessions. On that drive, I decided to write the Sisterhood. I conceived of an organization of women, who faced a series of challenges. Addressing those challenges would allow me to show versus tell how an individual can be successful. I went home and jotted the basic plot down which today is more or less the same.

Who is a Woman of the Sisterhood?

She could be you or the woman next door. From businesswomen to teachers to any profession, any smart and talented woman you admire could be a secret member of The Sisterhood.  

Woman of the Sisterhood Pledge

I am a woman of destiny – I make my own future.

I believe in my power to change the world.

I know myself.

I have a vision.

I have acquired the knowledge I need to do what I choose.

I have no time for your issues with me.

I am financially secure — I make my own wealth.

I believe in contributing to mankind in new ways.

I am not asking for your permission.

I make the sacrifices I need to accomplish what I choose.

I can lead and I can follow, as appropriate to my outcome.

I am techogifted.

I am disciplined.

I define myself.

I enter the arena.

I  am awake.

I am a finder

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