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Kiffany Dugger – Change the Way You See Yourself: Clearing Your Emotional Trash

Kiffany Dugger, Author, Speaker, Publisher and Lifestyle Changher.  Topic – Change the Way You See Yourself: Learning to Clean Your Emotional Trash to Reclaim Your Authentic Self.  Kiffany Discussed the Generosity of Emptiness:  The importance of cleaning out your emotional clutter to make room for your blessings. She also discussed depression, forgiveness, self-esteem, and rediscovering your power. Listen here.

About the Speaker
Kiffany Dugger: Bestselling Author, Speaker, Publisher and Lifestyle Changher. Kiffany’s passion for writing was born during a seemingly barren season.  While battling a physically and emotionally challenging illness, she dug her way out of the pit of depression with a pen, a laptop, and a legal notepad.  Writing her first novel, “The Green Eyed Butterfly,” began as a cathartic outlet that blossomed into something simply amazing.  With three titles in publication, including; “Twisted Truth” and “Change the Way You See Yourself,”  Kiffany is passionate about inspiriting women from the tip of her pen. She is an imaginative and versatile author. Her ability to masterfully transform words into vivid intricately woven images that take readers on an emotional, spiritual, and captivating journey far beyond their imagination.

Periscope: @kiffanydugger
Instagram: _kiffanydugger
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kiffanydugger
Facebook: www.facebook.com/authenticallykiffany
Website: www.kiffanydugger.com  and  www.thegreatstorytellher.com

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