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Vanessa Canteberry – The Power of Yes for Homemakers and Entrepreneurs

Vanessa Canteberry, Founder and CEO of InspiredByVanessa

Topic – The Power of Yes for Homemakers and Entrepreneurs.  Listen to her session here:  http://www.audioacrobat.com/sa/W2BYJLYT

I hope to provide solid content for you, to learn, and build a better future.  Together, we will be able to move mountains and change the world one person at a time.

Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness by Vanessa Canteberry

Breaking the Cycle  started with a prayer for my children.  I was repeating a cycle that had occurred time and time again.  Realizing I no longer wanted to be a product of dysfunction, let alone my children, I started to cry out in prayer for help in hopes of raising my children in a normalized environment.

I needed direction and guidance of the unfamiliar, and was willing to become broken in order to be a blessing to the future generation. After experiencing several heartbreaking events in my life, I knew I could become a better version of myself: be greater than my circumstances.

I never thought that my prayer would turn into a book that empowers others to overcome a generational curse of dysfunction.

I hope my story will help you realize that you too have the potential of becoming who God created you to be. Embrace it and share it with others. You never know who needs to be saved from heartbreak and heartache along the way.


About the Author
Vanessa Canteberry is the Founder and CEO of InspiredByVanessa. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She’s determined to continue to break the cycle of poverty, negligent and unnecessary hardship. Vanessa worked in Corporate America for 20 years as a Secretary. After being laid off in 2011, she knew something needed to change, knowing she was a single parent of three.

For that reason, Vanessa challenged herself. She took a stand on faith and changed her mindset. Now, she is a business owner, Speaker, Coach and Best Selling Author, working from the comfort of her home.

Order Books:  http://www.amazon.com/Vanessa-Canteberry/e/B01FNH4TXI


Get to Know the Author of Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness with Dr. Aikyna Finch
Watch here: https://youtu.be/ndR1BWMIg8w

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